Wiessmeyer & Son
Wiessmeyer & Son


Our original 3DS mutes emphasize sound quality over all else. Featuring wider string and bridge tolerances, the mutes are designed to be secured on the string windings where they have minimal impact on behind-bridge harmonics. They produce a slightly darker, nuanced tone than our Prizma series.


Dual Tone Mutes

  • Place on top of the bridge for pianissimo

  • Pinch against the bridge for mezzo piano

  • Remove while not in use or ride on strings slightly behind the bridge

  • Use with gut/synthetic strings only


Disc Mutes

  • Pianissimo

  • Rides behind the bridge on middle strings when not in use

  • Push firmly onto string windings to lock into place when not in use

Viol Mutes

  • Mezzo Piano

  • Attach on any single string or between two strings (recommended) for precise muting effect

  • Ride behind the bridge between two strings or push firmly onto single string winding when not in use