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Stringed instruments mutes that perfectly balance sound fidelity and dampening. Wiessmeyer & Son manufactures a complete line of synthetic, 3D-printed mutes for aspiring and professional violin, viola, and cello players.

Our single and double hole tourte style mutes and patend 3-position / 2-tone mute offer a solution to every practice or performance need.

Precision engineering and high-tech manufacturing create a line of full sized violin, viola, and cello mutes that work out of the box with nearly any normal bridge shape/size. Our unique fully synthetic mute bodies creates a superior dampening effect that reduces volume while still retaining the original sound palette of your instrument.


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SUPERIOR SOUND, FIT, and PERFORMANCE for The Friendliest Violinists, Violists, and Cellists on this planet.

(Available in other colors too.)

Available from Amazon and fine stringed instrument shops across Canada.