Wiessmeyer & Son
Wiessmeyer & Son
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Choice, choices, choices…

Our standard colors from left to right: Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Amber, Onyx, and Diamond.

Additional www.viowiess.com exclusive colors not pictured above: coral, aquamarine, rhodolite, citrine, jade.

Violist Rizwan Jagani recently completed his masters at Carnegie Mellon. Classically trained, he also enjoys exploring musical theater and Bollywood. His recording professor, Riccardo Schulz, lovingly YouTube stalked him into doing these recordings. Always Starting Over was recorded using our dual-tone mute at Vlahakis Recording Studio, Carnegie Mellon School of Music.

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Prizma Color Options

Infinity. Each prizma mute features a unique, algorithmically generated color finish. A varnish job one could say.