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A place for community members to interact directly with the Wiessmeyer & Son product development team.

v1.0 Cello Catrpilr

Welcome to the community page for our Cello Catrpilr. You can use the comments feature to leave feedback, ideas, or ask questions about the current state of our highly magnetic practice mute. We encourage you to check our work bench to see what we’re currently focused on, what was done recently, and what’s next. We respond to comments within 24 hours.

Interested in participating in the creation of a modern mute? Grab your own v1.0 catrpilr for cello here. Launch starts October 20th, 2019 and runs through end of year. Early supporters receive a special code shipped with each purchase of a v1.0 cello catrpilr that entitles them to claim a second catrpilr for FREE.

Happy practicing,

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