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Wiessmeyer & Son professional orchestral mutes are specifically designed for live and recorded performance. Our violin, viola, and cello mutes feature a unique hollow-core construction that preserves the acoustic fidelity of your instrument’s sound while creating a soft, yet vibrant and warm muting effect.

Experienced musicians, teachers, and conductors prefer Wiessmeyer & Son mutes for their ability to modify the sound pallet of the instrument and match the mood of the music.

prizma Viol Mutes

prizma Viol Mutes

from 15.95

Our prizma viols are based on the original Kaston mutes first patented in 1971. Our viols offer several advantages over the mass-produced rubber tourte mutes synonymous with an entry-level student mute. Specifically:

  • Our mutes sound better because they filter out fewer overtones during volume reduction (aka muting). We accomplish this feat using 3D-printing magic.

  • They don’t buzz or rattle on the string(s).

  • They fit anywhere on the bridge.

Our viols produce a light, playful mezzo piano. We wanted to replicate the sound popular with 1950’s recording artists when this mute was still hand-made from wood, leather, and glue.

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