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Stringed instruments mutes that perfectly balance sound fidelity and dampening. Wiessmeyer & Son manufactures a complete line of synthetic, 3D-printed mutes for aspiring and professional violin, viola, and cello players.

How do I perform using a Dual Tone mute?

  1. When not in use, secure the mute by gently pulling it at a downward angle towards the tailpiece until it firmly wedges in place on the strings.

  2. For pianissimo volume, slide mute forward from secure position. At approximately half distance between bridge and tailpiece, the mute should easily lift off the strings. Place the mute on top of the bridge so it seats securely.

  3. For mezzo piano volume, slide the mute forward from its secure position on the strings and with thumb and index finger pinch up against the bridge.

  4. Ensure the side with the flared string notches is always facing towards the tail piece. On violin and viola mutes this is the side with the glassy finish. On cellos this is the side with mesh-like finish.

William Wiessmeyer