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Wiessmeyer & Son professional orchestral mutes are specifically designed for live and recorded performance. Our violin, viola, and cello mutes feature a unique hollow-core construction that preserves the acoustic fidelity of your instrument’s sound while creating a soft, yet vibrant and warm muting effect.

Experienced musicians, teachers, and conductors prefer Wiessmeyer & Son mutes for their ability to modify the sound pallet of the instrument and match the mood of the music.

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3 Position Wiessmeyer Mute

from 13.95
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2H Disc Mute Emerald_2H_VLA_REV1.jpg

2H Disc Mute

from 12.95
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1H Viol Mute Amber_1H_VLA_REV1.jpg

1H Viol Mute

from 11.95
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prizma Series PRO_3P_CEL_Front.JPG

prizma Series

from 14.95