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Stringed instruments mutes that perfectly balance sound fidelity and dampening. Wiessmeyer & Son manufactures a complete line of synthetic, 3D-printed mutes for aspiring and professional violin, viola, and cello players.

How do I attach the violin practice mute?

The mute can be attached to the bridge in under 15 seconds with a little practice. While holding the violin using the chin and shoulder:

  1. Gently hock the center magnetic clamp over the bridge between the two middle strings.

  2. Push down until the center magnetic clamp is firmly on the bridge.

  3. Guide the outside magnetic clamps around the bridge.

  4. Squish the mute gently until it conforms to the shape of the bridge.

To remove the mute, slowly pull upwards with a slight wiggling motion from the middle clamp. The mute will slowly “learn” the shape of the bridge with repeated use or may also be thermo-fitted.

William Wiessmeyer