Wiessmeyer & Son
Wiessmeyer & Son


Stringed instruments mutes that perfectly balance sound fidelity and dampening. Wiessmeyer & Son manufactures a complete line of synthetic, 3D-printed mutes for aspiring and professional violin, viola, and cello players.

Find Your Mute

What kind of music are you making today? Hear what a 3D-printed mute sounds like. Refined hundreds of times by input from musicians from all walks of life.

Figure 1: Volume Reduction (1-5dB).  *Denotes a dual-purpose mute with an alternative mount.
Figure 2: Our viol-shaped mute designed expressly for studio recording artists.
Figure 3: An evolved disc mute, made specifically for live orchestral performances.
Figure 4: Magnetic "Catrpilr" practice mute.
William Wiessmeyer